Thursday, March 9, 2017

Today's the Day

Nine years ago, I had a job interview and needed a nice outfit. I went shopping and was able to find a jacket that barely fit. I couldn't button it. I couldn't lower my arms comfortably, but it would have to do. It was my only option.

I put the jacket on as I walked in and took it off the second I got out. For the hour in between, I was as still as I could be without being awkward.

The jacket promptly went in the back of my closet as soon as I got home. Over the years, I toyed with getting rid of it, but never could since I liked it. I kept telling myself: "One day..."

As I got ready for work this morning -- for the job I had interviewed for -- I saw the jacket in the back of the closet. "One day" had finely come.

Nine years later, the jacket is too big. It's baggy all over, but it finally got to go to work!

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