These are some of the resources I've used so far on my journey. I'll add more as I'm able.

Weight Loss Support Community

Spark People -
An incredibly wonderful, supportive community of people to help support others on their weight loss journey. They also have a wealth of educational information to help along your journey, as well as a vast collection of workout videos for literally every fitness level. Workout videos can be found at

Nutrition and Recipes

Skinny Taste -
Healthy, low fat, family-friendly recipes

Andie Mitchell -
Healthy recipes from a woman who lost 135lbs herself. She wrote a book about her story also.

Eat This, Not That! -
Incredible resource for food recommendations, both at the grocery store and restaurants. Most (if not all) of the restaurant recommendations are from nutritionists. It's a great resource to figure out what to eat while you're out! 

Fooducate (Android and iPhone app)
An app that lets you scan or search for food and gives you nutrition information based on a letter grade of A through D. It provides information about the ingredients, what’s good, what’s not good, better alternatives. All around good food education.


Runs for Cookies -
This is a blog written by Katie who was featured in the Netflix movie Fat to Finish Line. She also used Spark People to lose 125lbs! Her story is wonderful and she has lots of helpful info on her blog! 

Eric Thomas, Motivational Speech – How bad do you want it? -
A 15 minute motivational speech on YouTube. Eric Thomas is a HipHop Preacher. In this speech, he talks about facing how much you really want something and how hard you’re willing to work for it. Regardless of what ‘it’ is, this is a great speech that really makes you think.

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