About Me

I'm a 40-something Software Developer in Seattle at a Fortune 500 company you've probably never heard of.

I'm a bit geeky, nerdy, and quirky. I'm completely sarcastic, often irreverent, occasionally foul-mouthed, and rarely apologetic.

I believe strongly in the importance of humanity and philanthropy. 

I'm a Grammar Nazi with virtually non-existent tolerance for misspellings, poor grammar, and lack of punctuation. (Use a fucking period and comma, sometimes! It won't kill you!) I'm willing to argue the use of the Oxford Comma. And yes, I have 'Eats, Shoots & Leaves' on my bookshelf, if that tells you anything.

Something spectacular happened to my mindset in February 2016 and I committed myself to getting serious about being healthy! 
I'm not 'dieting', I'm changing my lifestyle and creating a whole new me! I'm taking a pragmatic approach and facing it one day, one meal, one bite at a time!     
I've promised myself to never be in denial or hide from my weight again so I post it for all to see. It keeps me accountable and facing reality.  

You can also find me on SparkPeople.com -- an amazing weight loss community with a TON of resources and supportive people! Spark People - JustSimplyQ 

If you're in the Seattle area and want a workout buddy, let me know!     

I have two mantras:

"It's better to be hated for who you are, than loved for who you're not."
"I know what it feels like to give up. Now, I want to know what it feels like not to."

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