Progress Tracker

Goal: To be 45.9% of Day 1

Pre-First-Official weigh-in: 444lbs. Lost ~10lbs. from Jan 1 - Feb 29.
DateWeightPounds LostPercentage of Day 1
Mar 1434lbs--100%
Apr 1415.4lbs19.6lbs95.7%
May 1402lbs13.4lbs92.6%
June 1394.6lbs7.4lbs90.9%
July 1374.1lbs20.5lbs86.2%
Aug 1368.7lbs5.4lbs84.9%
Sept 1356.8lbs11.9lbs82.2%
Oct 1350.8lbs6.0 lbs80.8%
Nov 1338.4lbs12.4lbs78%
Dec 1328.4lbs10lbs75.7%
Jan 1320.9lbs7.5lbs73.9%
Feb 1312.5lbs8.4lbs72.0%

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