Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hello Fall! Keep that Pumpkin Spice Away from Me!

It's not officially fall, in my book, until it's October! It's time for crisp, cool mornings and chilly nights. Changing leaves and pumpkins -- let's be clear, though... keep all that 'pumpkin spice' shit away from me! I seriously do not get that obsession! haha

We put out the fall decor the other day. Inevitably, I find new things all the time. My favorite fall addition is Cinderella's carriage! I love it!

It's a gorgeous morning here in Seattle! Got up early -- as usual -- did some strength training, then watched the sun come up.

Heading out to the gym later for some treadmill and pool time. I still haven't hit my 100lbs loss milestone and it's making me a little crazy! I've decided it's the ole "Watched pot never boils" situation so I'm just going to keep doing what I need to do and let it happen when it happens! 

Happy fall!

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