Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Ugly Side of Working Out

Just a fair warning that this post may be TMI for some people. Read at your own risk! Haha

I don't care how much you try to convince yourself that "sweat is fat crying" or any other anecdotal euphemism you put on it, sweat is disgusting!

Part of how I ended up as such a big person is because I HAAAATTTE being sweaty! It's sticky. It feels gross. It makes me wet. It makes me stink. It's not pretty, but neither is a fat, hanging belly or bat wings that could wrap someone like a mummy, if I could swing my arms fast enough! Haha

When I started working out, I learned I could sweat in places I didn't even know were capable of sweating!

My pits are wet. Sweat running down my back. Crotch sweat. BUTT CRACK SWEAT!!

Boob sweat until my bra's wet. Sweat running into my eyes. Let's not forget the wonderful belly sweat. Nasty!!

And then the best part -- the zits I get towards the base of my scalp from all the head sweat! And yes, I shower ASAP, but I still get them sometimes.

Speaking of showering, don't get me started on gym showers! Ugh! I only shower at the gym after I've used the pool. Talk about gross! What is wrong with people?! Are hairballs on the floor REALLY necessary?! Really?!

I'm getting used to it -- or at least learning to tolerate it. It's a necessary means to an end, right? I mean, let's be real, I don't hate sweating as much as I hate being fat, so...

I'm holding out hope that there will someday be a way to burn a few hundred calories while staying clean and smelling good. Haha

Until then, I guess I'll keep using deodorant like it's going out of style and hoping I don't smell gross! Haha
Let the sweat beads roll, my friend!

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