Friday, September 30, 2016

200 Days of Healthy Me! (Wednesday, September 14, 2016)

Holy bajeezus! It's been 200 Days since I committed to getting healthy! I can hardly believe so much time has passed and how much I've accomplished!

In 200 days, I have:
-- logged all my food, everyday!
-- lost 92lbs!
-- increased my fitness level significantly!
-- done a 5k walk!
-- increased my average step count by about 400%!
-- dropped two pant sizes!
-- more things I'm sure I'm forgetting!

Some days, all of this feels so surreal! I'm certain I've miscalculated my weight loss. I'm certain I've looked at clothes tags wrong. I must be looking in a distorted mirror. It doesn't feel like me. The old me NEVER would have done these things or stuck with it this long!

I'm BEYOND thrilled! I love this new me! I can hardly wait to see the me at 300 days or 400 days!

Ready or not, here I come!

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