Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 7: Get to Movin'! (Monday, April 18, 2016)

Another week down! Another round of successes in the record books!

I have really struggled with getting motivated to move. A good bit of that lack of motivation has been due to the discomfort around it. I'd exercised a handful of times over the weeks, sure -- but definitely nothing to write home about.

Early in the week, I decided it was time to pay the man at the door and take this party up to the next level -- come hell or high water!

I balked the first day. Got all psyched out and then chickened out.

The next day, I was going to do it, no matter what! My new shoes had been delivered and I was walking, if it took me all night! And I did it. I went for my 15 minute walk.

And you know what?! I DIDN'T DIE! haha (Much to my sister's dismay, mind you, because she's coveting my furniture and knows she gets dibs, if I kick the bucket.)

You know what's even better?! I ended that day just shy of 5,000 steps! SAY WHAAAT?!

Doing that first walk and getting it out of the way was so empowering! So, you know what I did the next day? I walked...again! And that day, I also earned my 10 FitBit dots and I beat my 5,000 steps from the day before!

You know what I did the next day? I rested! (haha, gotcha!) I still exercised, but I decide to give my poor aching feet and legs a break!

This girl, who has had so much trouble getting motivated to move, has exercised and/or walked at least 15 minutes for six of the last nine days! Who am I?!

The icing on the cake was this morning's weigh in. I got on that scale and another 4.2 lbs -- POOF! Gone! I'm down 26.7lbs in the last seven weeks! Can you believe that?!

As excited as I am about all of this, I owe so much of it to the motivation and encouragement I get from all of you -- the SP community!

I firmly believe that I would have given up, if it weren't for all of you! The encouraging words! The messages telling me that I've motivated or inspired you brings tears to my eyes, every single time!

How can *I* be an inspiration?! I'm the chubby girl in the corner that thinks everyone's making fun of her. I'm the fat girl that feels so self-conscious that I don't want to talk to anyone.

I know I've said this on posts before, but I mean it from the depths of my being: Thank you! Thank you all! For every kind word. For every character of encouragement you type. For every emoji. For everything.

YOU make me come back every day. YOU help make me feel worthy. YOU help me know I'm not doing this alone. YOU help me believe in myself!

From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU!

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