Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Setbacks and Frustrations (Friday, April 22, 2016)

The last few days have been really frustrating. I was getting in a good walking groove, feeling great, then Tuesday came. I don't know if it was because I wore different shoes or what happened, but Tuesday afternoon the muscles/tendons in the top of my left foot started being far more uncomfortable than usual. My ankles and tops of my feet are always bothersome, but not like this!

I decided to lay low Tuesday and make it a rest day since I had walked the previous four days. No big deal. By the time I got up Wednesday morning, it was worse. (Great) I went to work, but by noon, it was so uncomfortable and swelling that I went home to put it up and ice it.

Thursday morning, it wasn't any better, but I went to work and hobbled around. I actually tried not to walk as much as I could. By last night, it was more than uncomfortable -- it was painful! I remembered I had KT Tape so I looked up how to wrap it and got it wrapped up.

It's a little better this morning -- it's back to uncomfortable, rather than painful. I decided not to go to work today and to just let it rest. Hopefully, that decision will save me from the dreaded 'D' word -- doctor.

Of course, this happens the first week I do FitBit challenges! Haha My foot needs to get better so I can get back to my walks and not be at the bottom of the Workweek Hustle pile!

Until next week, Challenge Buddies! Until next week...

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