Tuesday, September 13, 2016

No Excuses. (Tuesday, May 24, 2016)

The last thing I want to do today is go down to the gym. I have cramps. I have lady-stuff going on. I just feel -- buh!

That said, I have been preaching "No excuses" to myself for a few months, now. Yesterday, I gave in to myself and didn't go to the gym. This morning, I put my gym clothes on my bed so I'd see them as soon as I got home from work.

When I got home, I put them on. Even though I feel bad. Even though I have cramps. Even though the only thing I want to wear is my jammies. I'm holding myself accountable tonight. No excuses. I HAVE to go to the gym before I can go to bed. Period. Now that it's out there, I have to do it. No excuses.

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