Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Testing the Lifestyle Change (Thursday, May 12, 2016)

My niece and her friends are here visiting which has thrown my normal food routine off completely!

The first night was pizza, then yesterday was a bunch of sightseeing, ending in a visit to the local famous burger joint. I was a little nervous how this shake up in my routine would impact me, but I've stayed on track!

I didn't eat any of the pizza. I'd had my dinner before the pizza and I was able to resist. The smell was intense though, especially because it was my favorite pizza! I knew dinner last night was probably going to be greasy food so I made sure to have salad and fruit for lunch. When dinner came around, I ate my burger and gave away half my fries! And, most importantly, didn't feel deprived!

I logged everything and was actually under my calories for the day, especially with having still gone for my workout and walking more than 7k steps! I was so incredibly proud of myself!

I think this first test of my new lifestyle shows that it's really a lifestyle change and that I'm doing it! FOR REAL! I'm so proud of myself for passing this first checkpoint!

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