Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 6: Shut the Front Door! (Monday, April 11, 2016)

At the risk of being redundant: I can hardly believe I'm still here and still doing this! Wowww!

Ohhh, the changes that have happened in the last six weeks! I've learned SO much about nutrition and what I was putting in my body before. Even most of the stuff that I was eating that was healthy was in quantities that were way too large.

I'm finding that I'm becoming more and more satiated on 1200-1400 calories per day -- about 50-75% less than I was consuming before. I'm now down 22.5lbs -- more than 5% of my original weight! That alone is enough to make me shut the front door!

My Color Run is in 17 weeks so I found a 12 week walking program to start building up and getting ready for that. I'm starting this week! Walking is still pretty uncomfortable, but I'm trying to do it more. I've been making sure I get up from my desk every hour or two and take a trip around the office. I exercised in two 15 min blocks yesterday. Nothing fancy and totally low key, but it got my heart rate up and it's a start.

I still have a long road ahead of me, but I don't focus on that. I only focus on making progress today. Today's successes will turn into tomorrow's rewards; eventually, they'll snowball on each other and these days will be a distant memory. In the meantime, today was a good day. This week was a good week.

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