Friday, September 30, 2016

Determined, Come Hell or High Water! (Monday, June 20, 2016)

It's time to push ahead and get this activity train moving again! No matter what!

I don't care that my glands are swollen.
I don't care that it's lady time and I'm cramping.
I don't care that my head keeps hurting.
I don't care that I'm still getting dizzy.

If it takes a bottle of Advil.
If it takes a bottle of Excedrin.

So be it.

I *will* push through this crap.
I *will* get back on track.
I *will* get at least 6 dots per day this week.
 Unless I end up back under doctor's orders to chill out, I *WILL* do at least 50 minutes of treadmill this week, minimum!

I've already commissioned my daughter with holding me accountable. SP, please help hold me accountable, too!

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