Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Road to Healthy Me

For the last 199 days, I've been working on being a new healthy me! There have been good day and there have been bad days, but to date, I have lost 91.4lbs!

Part of my journey to being healthy has been not allowing myself to be in denial about my weight. If I don't hide from it, I can't be in denial about it. In order to hold myself accountable, I'm open about it and tell people my number. I weigh in every Monday morning. This past Monday, I was 352.6lbs.

I unofficially started my road to healthy in late January/early February. I got serious about it on March 1 when I started weighing myself, logging my food, and counting the days. I've also been blogging on SparkPeople.com.

I want to have my blogs somewhere other than just Spark People so I've decided to move them all here.

Following this post will be a catch-up of all my posts over the last 199 days.

Ready or not, here they come...

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