Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lost on the Treadmill (Tuesday, May 03, 2016)

Walked on a treadmill tonight for the first time! Definitely a different experience! I started out SUPER slow because I was TERRIFIED of falling off! Thank God for those life-saving clips -- just in case. I clipped that sucker right up by my boobs, just to be safe! One wrong sneeze and it would have halted me in my tracks!

My poor FitBit thinks I was a lunatic walking in circles for 17 minutes. Haha I was disappointed because I don't think I got credit for as many steps as I should have and the distance wasn't captured properly, but HOLY SHAZAM on the cardio! I got much more cardio out of it than I get from normal walking! 17 minutes and a quarter mile later, I was sweaty and gross, but I was a lot more comfortable. I had increased the speed up to 1.4 (not even sure what that means) and loosened my white-knuckle death grip on the handles.

Ready or not, Treadmill -- I'm coming for you again tomorrow!

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