Friday, September 30, 2016

Unlike Men, All Calories are Not Created Equal! (Monday, August 01, 2016)

Boy! Have I learned a tough lesson this past month about not all calories being created equal!

This past month has been hectic and I have been slacking about prepping and eating at home. I’ve stayed within my calorie range – even below – and kept it pretty healthy, but have been eating different things on-the-go and not eating as clean as I have been. Sandwiches, salads, teriyaki chicken (little sauce) with (too much) rice (mmmmm riiicceee)… all fairly good stuff. Not fabulous, but not terrible.

Unfortunately, I think the rice and bread a few times a week have sabotaged me! For the entire month of July, I only lost a little over 5lbs! WHAT?! That is unacceptable! I want my 20lbs neighborhood back! Haha

New month, new mission: Get back to 85+% clean instead of the ~60%. Cut the rice and bread back out and get the scale moving down faster again!

I'm coming for you, scale! 😎

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