Tuesday, September 13, 2016

April 2016: April Efforts Bring May Rewards (Sunday, May 01, 2016)

April was a great month! I've definitely gotten moving more -- finally! haha -- and it feels so good!

That movement has brought challenges and rewards! I'm still having trouble with pain in the tops of my feet, primarily, but I can't expect to be hauling around a big body and not have some discomfort.

I've bought new, high-quality shoes for both work and walking, but it's still not alleviating the discomfort. I've decided to go to the local running store tomorrow after work and get an assessment. Maybe it's some arch support or something else. It also may just come down to getting more of this flab off my body! haha

I've definitely seen some reward in how far and long I can walk. It's still not a lot, but it's a HUGE difference compared to where I was just a short time ago! I'm excited to see what the next 30 days brings!

I also hit my weight loss goal for the month! I lost a total of 13.2 lbs this month, which is 3.2% of my April 1 weight. My goal is 3-4% of my monthly starting weight so it's right in that range!

I think I may have finally found the key to my best weeks. The weeks where I've eaten something every 2-3 hours -- even something small like apple slices or carrots -- I've lost significantly more than the weeks where I've only eaten meals and nothing in-between. I'm going to keep with the eating every 2-3 hours for May and see what happens.

Overall, I'm down 31.9lbs, which is 7.4% of my March 1 weight! With the estimated ~10lbs I lost between January and March, that makes 42lbs!

I love the new me! I love my new mindset! I'm incredibly excited to see what May brings!

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